Kelsey & Melo

a traveling husband and wife team

- based in Fresno, CA
- road trips give us life
- give us all the chips and salsa
- if we aren't taking photos, we're probably working on our house, or having a picnic in our backyard
- our favorite place is Iceland
- we have a cat named Boots
- likely to shed a few tears & bust a few moves at your wedding
- with over a decade of experience, Carmelo taught Kelsey how to use a camera & Et al. just sorta happened after that.

Let's take it there.

Adventure | True to you | Documentary

Our Approach

We don't like to say we are 100% documentary, but we do have a documentary style approach. We focus on capturing real moments. We use prompts to get natural, genuine reactions and responses to make sure the photos we deliver to you show an accurate representation of who you are. We will never ask you to do cheesy poses, nor will we ask you to pretend to be somebody you aren't. With that being said, we don't do stiff or heavily posed photos. If this is what you are looking for, then we likely aren't a good match - and that's okay. There's nothing wrong with these types of photos, it's simply not our jam.

Our Couples

Honestly, we prefer to work with couples who aren't afraid to show who they truly are and how they truly feel. Serious, sassy, sweet, intimate, playful, touchy-feely, etc. - we're totally cool with it. Don't worry if you tend to be shy, we'll help ya out! We're always down for a super you session, bring the pups, bring the vintage car or motorcycle, bring the booze, let's shoot your engagement session in your kitchen, or at your favorite coffee shop, let's getcha married in another country - let's go all the damn way with it! If you're someone who values the authentic documentation of your relationship and creative photography is a must for you, then we're probably a pretty solid match.

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